Author: Sherri Clifton

W A Wright Elementary

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Children’s Trove recently partnered with W A Wright Elementary! The Trove has set up an account for the school to continuously grow store credit for use as needed. If you would like to contribute clothing for consignment on the schools account, please email or you may contact Laurie Drummond at W A Wright. You can […]

Customer Survey

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Customer Service Survey We appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey below.  To help us better understand about your particular visit, please answer the questions to the best of your ability and in detail where applicable.  We strive to provide a wonderful shopping experience and look to you to know where improvements are […]

Seasonal Sale Tagging

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   Hanging and Tagging should be as pictured. Information on the 3×5 tags should be as follows:  (index cards are preferred, but cut paper is accepted.  Please do not cut the index cards or use smaller paper, it is more difficult to keep up with.  Because this is a seasonal card sale, the price tags […]

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