Consignment Policy


School approved clothing and shoes only, including Uniforms for schools with a dress code!  All items will be on the sales floor for back to school shopping on July 17th!



(This includes Children’s Trove Online size 10 and up – schedule appointments on the same calendar for receiving at Baby & Kids store.  Items will be listed on the store account and posted as they sell for payment and like in store items may be viewed at

No long sleeves or sweaters – no summer clothing or styles, except school approved shorts and skorts.

Please NO holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas), or Winter Coats until we announce open receiving for these items.

Accepting the following merchandise – for Baby & Kids Store

Boys and Girls clothing, sizes Preemie/Newborn – Size 8-8/10.  Shoes – Size 3Y.  Toys, books, games, hats, belts and other accessories, linens, Maternity and accessories.  All merchandise must work at receiving and should be tested during your appointment time.

Infant equipment is welcome year round into the store without an appointment.  Simply drop by at your convenience.

Clothing, shoes and toys are received by appointment only and subject to space availability.  All appointments are self-scheduled via this website – consignors may call the store for assistance 615-754-0261



Consignment Commission is 40% – How can you increase this?

  1. Hang and Self Tag your merchandise (using masking tape, hole punched paper over the hanger.  Please no pins and no wire hangers.  If you need hangers we will be glad to give you some for self tagging and hanging.  This adds a 5% premium to your commission.
  2. Choose to receive payment as store credit for an additional 5% commission premium.

Hair Bows & Jewelry — New, not used with hang tabs, consigned in volume will have a commission of 60% of the tag price.


Clothing/Shoes requirements:

      1. Season/style Appropriate
      2. NO limit
      3. Boys/Girls sizes Preemie/Newborn – 8
      4. Shoes Newborn – Youth 2
      5. Sports Equipment and Dance Wear must be clean and free of debris – this includes cleats
      6. Gently worn – no faded, torn, holes, missing buttons or non working zippers.
      7. No hoodies/jackets with strings at the collar (per state safety requirements, strings must be removed, they are a choking hazard)
      8. All merchandise must be Clean, free of tears, stains or holes and must be in working condition with NO parts missing. Please sort through these before leaving, otherwise unsaleable merchandise may NOT be returned, depending upon space.  We reserve the right to donate, at our discretion, any merchandise that does not comply with this policy.
      9. Merchandise received in bags, wrinkled or otherwise inappropriate for the sales floor will be sent out for cleaning/steam de-wrinkling and the consignors account will be assessed a cleaning fee!  No exceptions!
      10. DVD and CD must have a box or cover (single discs or unmarked sleeves will not be accepted) VHS tapes NOT accepted.
      11. Jeans and light weight jackets accepted YEAR ROUND
      12. Toys with parts must be appropriately packaged in see thru bags and all parts must be included.  We do not accept any toys with missing parts!  Please do not bring them, as they will not be put on the sales floor.  Additional pieces should be bagged together so the taggers can appropriately prepare items for the sales floor.  This applies whether you are Tagging your own or using our Tagging service.

Children’s Trove has a new bagging system with store covers for pleasant display and better selling ability – all bagged items are prepared in our own packaging so no need to go to extremes – just be sure the items are brought in so the tagger may be able to distinguish their appropriate parts.

Consignors will be notified via email and have 7 days to pick up inappropriate or damaged items before donating – you will be called/emailed only once, if you have requested to pick up.


Consignors may choose to receive payment in store credit for a 5% commission premium

Consignor account balanced may be accessed anytime to make purchases in the store.

Checks will be submitted to Suntrust Bank for processing every 60-90 days, when the balance is more than $50 and/or when all items have sold on the account.  All Checks are mailed, in store pick up is no longer available.  However, cash payouts may be issued for pick up, at the stores discretion. 


Please refrain from wire hangers – Children’s Trove is willing to provide shirt and pant hanger for self tagging, simply stop by the store and ask the associate.  You must have an appointment to receive free hangers.  If you must use wire hangers for maternity clothing, please DO NOT pin them……this takes excessive time at checkout for our customers.

Battery operated merchandise that does not appear to work will be tested with new batteries and the consignors account will be assessed a battery fee of $1.00-$2.00 per battery (depending on size) (This is a costly issue for the store, we appreciate your cooperation.)

Consigning period is for the length of the season and will be noted at receiving. Consignors will be notified when to pick up there unsold items if a return of merchandise is requested on the receiving contract.  Children’s Trove reserves the right to pull and request pick up prior to the end of the season, at the stores discretion.

Children’s Trove will notify consignors via email and/or phone if a pick up is necessary.  Participants must pick up their items or make future arrangements within 7 days.  The Store will hold items for 7 days or an agreed period ONLY, afterwards all items will be donated to local charities and orphanages.

Consignors may at any time access their funds through purchasing in the store using an on account method.  Simply ask the associate if you have a balance at check out and request it be applied to your purchase.  This is open to all consignors, not limited to committing to store credit accounts.  If you use your balance it will simply decrease your check when payments are processed.  Balances are always available for consignor use when shopping at Children’s Trove.  If the employee does not know you, be prepared to show ID, only the consignor will be able to utilize their account unless other arrangements have been declared by the consignor prior to the sale.

Store Associates do not have ACCESS TO CONSIGNOR ACCOUNT PAYMENTS.  Please do not call the store for this information.  You will receive a faster and more accurate response by emailing the Business Office at  All consignors will have online access which is subject to a $1 per appointment charge and is mandatory at Children’s Trove.  This account can be accessed 24/7 at your convenience to view available items for sale, sold items and account balances.

**Please note:  Bedding, Electronics, Video will be consigned if in appropriate condition, If you have questions or concerns about this policy or any other, please call the store prior to requesting or scheduling an appointment. 615.288.3996


Hair Bows & Jewelry — New, not used with hang tabs, consigned in volume will receive a commission of 60% of the tag price.Consignors may choose to receive payment in store credit for a 5% commission premium.

Preemie/Newborn to Size 8 and shoe sizes Newborn – 2Y

  • NO Breast pumps
  • NO Bath Tubs
  • NO Video Games – or DVD’s above a G Rating
  • NO outdated wall hangings or décor more than 2 years old

Suggested pricing guides are available on the website for self-taggers.

Children’s Trove does NOT have a limit on merchandise.  Please sort through items for appropriate

Children’s Trove reserves the right to refuse merchandise that does not meet the requirement guidelines for the sales floor.

Appointments are self-scheduled via this link

Thank you for consigning with us!  If you need additional information, please call us via the contact section of the website or email

Store Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 10am – 5pm