Consignor Accounts On Line Access

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Consignors will now have the opportunity to sign up for online account access.

How it works:

Register for the program by calling the store or replying to this email.
In about a week you will receive a log in and a link to access your account via the internet.
  • View Account Balances
  • Sold items
  • Available Items
  • Payout information 
  • Pick up Dates
All pages and information will be view-able and printable from your home computer, smart phone or pad.
This is a costly perk and unfortunately we cannot absorb the entire cost.  That said to enjoy this perk your consignor account will be charged $3 per season (Spring/Summer   March – August) (Fall/Winter  September – February)  Accounts would be assessed the fee in March and in September for year round consignors and upon registration for new consignors.
If you wish to register for online access, please call the store or email us at  We will have you up and running in 7-10 days.


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