Seasonal Sale Tagging

1010700_551718894891469_373288804_n   Hanging and Tagging should be as pictured.

Information on the 3×5 tags should be as follows:  (index cards are preferred, but cut paper is accepted.  Please do not cut the index cards or use smaller paper, it is more difficult to keep up with.  Because this is a seasonal card sale, the price tags will be removed and stored to determine the consignors commission.  They will be returned with payment.

  • Top Left Corner:  Consignor ID – First/Last Initial and last for digits of phone number, i.e   SC8148
  • Top Right Corner:  Size, please include JR. for junior sizing
  • Bottom Right Corner:  Price, in dollars and cents please
  • Center of Card:  Description, please include the Brand Name and Color.  This stands out to shoppers and enables us to identify the item if the tag falls off
  • Bottom Left Corner:  ND if you do not want your item included in 1/2 Price Saturday, March 28th.  Leave it blank if you do want the item discounted to sell.

REMEMBER, please use safety pins to attach cards to clothing.  NO tape or stick pins.

If you have additional questions, please email

Thanks you.