Support a local Homeless Family

Children’s Trove has a long history since its opening in 2013 to assist families in need.

We have sponsored families at Christmas and those with medical needs.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention that we have a homeless family in need.  As we commonly do, we attempt to help these individual as much as we can.

There story is compelling and I am leaving the children anonymous as they are in school and I do not want them faced with this public display of need.  There are four children on the brink of the Foster System – DCS has removed them from there mothers home (their fathers are either not present or are incarcerated)  Since the remove the mother has made it into the court system, arrested and charged with drug issues.

The children are currently residing in a home that has taken them and their grandmother in.  Unfortunately, this is a temporary situation as the Grandmother cannot work and the owner of the home can’t continue to support them.  Department of Children Services demands, due to the mothers incarceration that the children either be separated and placed in foster homes or the Grandmother must attain permanent custody.  With no home and no income, the grandmother is faced with an impossible situation – not wanting to put them in the system, but unable to afford day care to go to work.

Children’s Trove/Baby Trove will begin a round up at the register to try and raise money to assist with child care and obtaining a residence to keep these children out of the foster system.

Besides round up, we are asking anyone who has the ability to let loose of $1, $2 or $5 to help with the efforts.  Baby Trove and Children’s Trove have supplied clothing for the little ones.  Their ages are 2, 4, 6 and 7.

While we will sponsor a go fund me account however, they take a percentage for processing fees – I personally feel that we can share this and work together to help this family –

For those who fill more comfortable with go fund me, it will be an option – mailing an amount and every dollar counts to the store at Baby Trove where the money will be placed in a special account for these children and their grandmother.  Additionally, we ask that you please round up your pennies.

In 2013 we were able to provide Christmas and utility funds for a Mt. Juliet Family, in the amount of $2,742

In 2014 we assisted two family, one with rent and utilities $1,962 and another with medical issues for a child of over $5,000.

In 2015 we donated $2,100 in toys and cash to toys for tots and in 2016 & 2017 more than $10k to assist multiple families with clothing, food and unpaid bills.

I anticipate this year this will be our greatest reward.  We need to raise several thousands and I am certain with your help in sharing the store and dollar bills in the mail, round up your pennies and go fund me, we can make a huge difference in the lives of these children and keep them together and out of the foster system.

Mailing dollars will add up faster than you think!

Mailing address Baby Trove 14807 Lebanon Rd., Old Hickory, TN 37138 (if you wish to remain anonymous you may but names included will be shared with the family and on our website.