Self Tagging is offered to consignors who wish to have a part in the pricing of their items.  The tagging format description below is for traditional tagging practices and for our store, it need not be so formal.  However, it does need to have all of the information.

By “not so formal” we mean,  it could be any kind of paper or other than index cards as long as it has all of the information on it, (some Trove self taggers use masking tape and write the information on, it sticks and removes easily) but all the required information must be included and it should be legible.  DO NOT use post it notes without safety pins, as they will fall off.  DO NOT use stick pins THEY HURT!

When the items arrive in the store, we will enter the information just as you have written it into our inventory system and print bar coded tags for inventory management and sales.  Your tags will be removed and replaced with the Children’s Trove price tag.  Each tag includes your Consignor Number for item identification.

If you are new to consigning with us, and wish to self-tag or you do not remember your consignor number, you can use your last name on each tag!  It must be on EVERY tag of EVERY item for identification purposes.

Hanging is required for self tagging – and the clothes must be hung as pictured below.  Backwards makes it difficult for shoppers to see the item as they pull them across the rack.  Your goal should match ours…..that is to make all items uniform in appearance and desirable to purchase!

Tagging Format:  On hangers, pointing to the left, Tag  and ND for items you do not wish to be discounted. Safety pins (no straight pins) to attach tag to the right front of the item.  Please include a good description with the name brand on the TAG, including the BRAND Name.

Please use plastic bags for multiple piece items and place the tag on the OUTSIDE of the bag.   For toys and large boxed items taping may be required, if necessary.  Use your judgement, we do not want pieces lost.    SHOES need not be in plastic bags, it is a waste of money as we are going to take them out and throw them away.  Simply attach the shoes together with the strings or ribbon —  YOU may also stop by the store and ask for some plastic fasteners for shoes, we will give them to you.

If battery operated, include cheap batteries. If customers cannot see it work, they will not buy it.  We will have batteries available in the store, however, per the consignment policy the cost of the batteries will be assessed to your account.


As a Consignor, you set the price for your items. Generally you sell items at 50%-75% off the retail price. Items that are new or never used should still be discounted. The more you sell the more you make so efficient pricing is good for everyone. Please note that we will discount your items if ND is not placed on the items tag when the items are brought to be received. We strongly urge the use of this advantage to ensure you receive the largest amount of return from your consignment efforts.